Crowdfund Insider - May 18, 2020

Blockchain-based Security Tokens to be Considered Similar to Highly Liquid Securities

Crowdfund Insider picks up our editorial in The Paypers


Moonstake - April 18, 2020

Moonstake Appears In Tokyo FinTech Podcast with Algorand

 Alex Hui, Director at Moonstake, appeared in a series of Podcast episodes by Tokyo FinTech with Haichao Zhu, Associate Director at the Algorand Foundation hosted by Norbert Gehrke, Founder of Tokyo FinTech. 


Wave Financial - April 1, 2020

Blockchain-based Security Tokens to be Considered Similar to Highly Liquid Securities

Benjamin Tsai, President & Managing Partner at Wave Financial, a digital asset management company based in Los Angeles, appears on the Tokyo FinTech Podcast.

image52 - November 4, 2019

블록체인 경제 포럼 2019 서울

 블록체인 경제 포럼 2019 서울 또는 간략히 BEF 2019 Seoul(Blockchain Economic Forum 2019 Seoul)은 2019년 11월 11일 서울특별시 강남구 그랜드 인터컨티넨탈 서울 파르나스에서 라토큰(LATOKEN) 거래소가 주최한 블록체인 콘퍼런스 행사이다. 블록체인 이코노미 포럼 2019 서울이라고도 한다. 블록체인 경제 포럼은 투자자와 기업가를 모아 자본시장 및 지불 시스템의 잠재적 구조 변화에 대해 토론하고 활성화 아이디어를 얻고 파트너십 기회를 모색하는 자리이다. VC 펀드, 개인 투자자, 자본 시장 회사 및 기업가를 모아 자본시장 및 지불 시스템의 잠재적 구조적 변화에 대해 논의했다. 


Embassy of Switzerland in Japan - October 5, 2019

Blockchain wins backing in Japan as Libra tips scales

 "We have about 15 million holders of bitcoin today. Facebook has 2 billion users ... It's a huge step toward mass adoption," said Norbert Gehrke, a General Partner at venture facilitator eXponential Finance and former Managing Director of Technology at Goldman Sachs and Barclays. "The next phase of the industry will be big blue-chip players becoming more dominant." 


Press Release - July 8, 2019

Tokyo FinTech accelerates blockchain as BLOCKROCKET member

BLOCKROCKET and Tokyo FinTech enter into an MOU to collaborate on the establishment of a startup corridor between Germany and Japan. 

About Tokyo FinTech

Tokyo FinTech is registered a non-profit organization in Japan, promoting the domestic financial services ecosystem through innovation. Founded in 2017, Tokyo FinTech manages the largest active meetup community broadly supporting the domain, with more than 2,600 members currently. The Tokyo FinTech Medium publication and the Tokyo FinTech podcast are followed widely.


BLOCKROCKET provides a state of the art ecosystem that helps startups, corporates, and investors to leverage the potential of blockchain technology. We believe that innovation happens when entrepreneurs and experts from established companies join forces. Therefore, BLOCKROCKET provides a platform based on top level co-working facilities in Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin as well as a powerful network of investors, corporates and service providers in the blockchain space. This enables joint projects, knowledge transfer and fundraising opportunities to successfully accelerate blockchain.


Press Release - June 4, 2019


BINARYSTAR株式会社(本社所在地:東京都中央区)は、この度、日本におけるEOSの発展をサポートするJEDA(一般社団法人日本EOS開発者協会)、をはじめ、Tokyo FinTech, IDAXとブロックチェーン技術の社会実装に向けた取り組みを協力して推進することを目的とし、業務提携に向けた基本合意書を6月3日に締結した事を発表いたします。


【 Tokyo FinTech】
一般社団法人のTokyo FinTechは、日本最大のFinTech Meetup groupです。2017年6月から始まり、この2年間ですでに50を越えるイベントを開催しております。つい今月、Meetupのメンバーは2500人を越え、毎月開催されるイベントへの注目度の高さが伺えます。

IDAX(International Digital Asset Exchange)は、国際的なブロックチェーン研究機関であるGBC(Global Blockchain Research Center)によって、2017年に設立されたモンゴルに拠点を置く新興の仮想通貨取引所。コインマーケットキャップの取引量ランキングでは設立から数ヶ月でトップ10に入り、現在も9位にランクインするなど、最も勢いのある取引所となります。